Silver and Ink - Fine Art Photography by David Bartlett | Inkjet prints


                                                         Inkjet Prints

Inkjet prints consist of fine dots of ink deposited on a sheet of paper by an inkjet printer. Inkjet prints are created from a digital image file. This image file can be created by a digital camera (and then adjusted by software) or by the scanning of a film negative. 

There are many, many inkjet papers on the market. The paper used for inkjet prints offered on this site is made by Hahnemuhle, a fine art paper company in operation since 1584. The particular paper used is preferred by many photographers and fine artists for its reception of ink, its brightness, and its slight surface texture. A matte surface paper, it is akin to fine art papers used by traditional printmakers. This is appropriate as inkjet prints, even when originating with a camera, consist, after all, of ink on paper.