Silver and Ink - Fine Art Photography by David Bartlett | Old Colony Road, Selinsgrove
Storage BuildingCattle Barn/Exterior 1 (Summer)Cattle Barn/Exterior 1 (Winter)Cattle Barn/Exterior 2 (Summer)Cattle Barn/Exterior 2 (Winter)Cattle Barn/Exterior 3Cattle Barn/Exterior 4Cattle Barn/Exterior 5Cattle Barn/Exterior 6Cattle Barn/Interior 1Cattle Barn/Interior 2Cattle Barn/Exterior 7Cattle Barn/Exterior 8Cattle Barn/Exterior 9Cattle Barn/Exterior 10Cattle Barn/Exterior 11House During SnowstormFarmhouse and Reeds During SnowstormOld Farmhouse During SnowstormCreek During Snowstorm