Silver and Ink - Fine Art Photography by David Bartlett | Silver gelatin paper


                                                          Silver Gelatin Prints

While many materials have been used for the production of monochrome photographs the most common commercially available means has been silver gelatin paper which consists of a coating of gelatin containing silver compounds on a sheet of paper. After exposure to light the compounds when developed change to particles of silver which is the visible physical basis of the image. The most common compounds used have been silver bromide and silver chloride. 

Silver bromide paper is relatively sensitive to light and lends itself to image enlargement using a photographic enlarger. Images on this site that originated as film negatives are available as photographic enlargements on silver bromide paper. Images that originated with a digital camera are also available as silver bromide prints. They are made from inkjet film negatives which are then contact printed.  

Silver gelatin prints are notable for fine detail and continuity of tone. Additionally, they appear to be assuming a "vintage" character as digital camera and printing technology supplants traditional darkroom practice.

The silver bromide paper used for images on this site is made by Ilford, long recognized by fine art photographers as a manufacturer of premier printing papers